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This is an invitation to journey through a portal, where you’ll meet the sensual, vulnerable, potent and magical full-bodied you.









Embodiment asks us to remember that our bodies and minds are not separate, but connected. When we become embodied, we can live more grounded and conscious lives ~ in mind, body, and spirit. It’s about listening to the world through the body and feeling the world through the breath.

As an embodiment practitioner, who lives and breathes her feminine, I bring women home to their feeling bodies so they can awaken & (re)claim their sensual Creative power by tuning into their body wisdom. This allows them to embody their most authentic spiritual, sensual and radiant expression; deeply owning their worth, claiming the lives and relationships they yearn for.

Embodiment is a holistic discovery of divinity and love within your body. It is not a journey for your thinking mind but more of a journey back to your feeling heart. However beautiful and necessary an instrument the mind is, it can often overlook and trample the the wisdom of our body and heart. We can’t think our way back to our powerful body and tender hearts; we have to feel our way there.

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Thank you for helping me to unlock my heart and my feelings more, Nicole. You created such a safe, nurturing space for me where I could slowly let go of self judgement and truly begin to love my body again. What a skilled and beautiful woman you are. - Yvette​​

Our bodies are a deep well of wisdom. When you embark on a purposeful descent of awareness into your body, although at times vulnerable and confronting, it activates a potent adventure full of sensation, emotion and new intimacy with your life!

Through workshops, private mentoring and transformational coaching, I provide women with tantric and body based movement techniques to tune into their body wisdom, embody their love and deepen their capacity for intimacy and connection, allowing them to create the lives and relationships they yearn for.

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I appreciate Nicole's beautiful feminine energy. She helped me through practices that made it so easy for me to explore my body wisdom. I felt so safe being guided by her soft, vulnerable yet very powerful presence. There is a wildness within her that I'm sure is a foundation of that essence. You will be enriched by working with her. - Annabelle

By bridging spiritual practice, sacred sexuality, body based movement practices, energetic healing, ritual, coaching and psychology through my unique offering, you’ll drop into the sacred sensations of your body and be able to access more states of creative flow; acknowledging fears and limitations while uncovering practical ways to create positive change in your life, such as:

~ Loosen the grip on protective armouring and learn to open your heart

~ Transform old wounds, beliefs, and patterns that are no longer serving the depths of love you are yearning to give and receive in intimacy

~ Liberate and transform old patterns of relating into depth-evoking skills in intimacy, with yourself and your beloved

~ Create personal sovereignty in ways that feel deeply aligned for you

~ Transform your personal and professional identity by owning your truth, moving beyond your limitations

~ Live in deep communion with your innate body wisdom, radiance, creativity, and power and much more …

I will serve as a mirror for your deepest wisdom and embodied aliveness. My depth of integrity, presence and heart connection will have you feeling seen, loved and supported along the way. Be supported now to live a life of devotion; one grounded in your most authentic spiritual, sensual, emotional and creative expression.

I look forward to journeying with you, sister. ❤︎

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Nicole’s clear, devotional and embodied presence gave permission for me to step fully into my wholeness. The light and the dark. She held space with tenderness and compassion, while also encouraging me to lean into my edges where I could discover even more of myself. - Grace

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