Energetic healing and sacred bodywork are holistic healing techniques, that channel and move with your natural life force, releasing emotional tensions, restoring harmony and balance to the body. 

From a very young age, I was able to sense the feelings of others and energetically tune into them deeply, without words. Sensations within my own body were often activated being around people, and I noticed that my own touch to others at times would activate a visceral response, within me. One afternoon in my late teens I received a gift, from spirit I believe, that came in the form of a ‘knowingness’ … a sensation in my body that had me longing to be a woman in my 40’s. I didn’t want to bypass anything that I would experience in-between, but there was a comfort about that age. A trust in knowing there was something special, awaiting.

What I didn’t realise then, was that my 40’s would be a time when my healing gifts would fully come to life again, after a troubling decade prior that had led to my spiritual awakening. My 40’s was when I stepped into my truth as a conduit for healing, a goddess, an embodied woman and a channel for love. 

Not identifying as a healer but rather a woman who is a conduit for healing, tuning into spirit and divine healing energy that is greater than all of us. This energy moves through me, to you, invited by my loving intention for you to heal yourself with your own body wisdom. It’s an incredible honour to be given permission to energetically and/or physically touch another body and I’ve deep reverence for anyone who allows me to do so with them. 

This is now my path and with my hands and heart, I weave a variety of sacred bodywork techniques with primary modalities, Reiki energy & Sound healing, Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist abdominal massage) and Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. Woven into these healing sessions are shamanic clearing tools, auric body healing, sound healing, psychosomatic bodywork, and of course, being guided by my own intuition and psychic awareness.

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Nicole is a gentle, guiding light who's healing hands grounded and soothed me. - Krysten

I’ve a deeply present touch and through hands on and off healing, my touch delivers warmth, compassion and depth of presence, met with my open heart. You’ll bath in an exquisite restorative experience that will leave you feeling more alive in your body and reconnected to your life-force energy.

In your sessions with me you will find yourself being held in loving kindness and acceptance of all that you are, a space where you are free to safely release whatever emotions are attached to the blocks within your body. My touch is deeply guided by my intuition, so no two sessions are the same.

I’m particularly gifted at intuiting and guiding the energy in a session to create trust and healing, at just the right pace. Known for my alchemical touch, I deliver warmth and depth of presence, met with my open heart and an intention for you to reconnect with your natural flow and life-force. I look forward to offering you this unique experience and supporting you on your healing journey.

Reiki & Auric Body Sound Healing

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful hands on and off ancient healing method. It involves an understanding that we are all energy, and when we are more consciously aware of this, then chi (energy) can flow more freely to support our healing. Reiki does not aim to cure but enhance the vitality of the life force, so your body’s innate healing is activated and supported to achieve optimum health.

During your healing session, you’ll receive healing Reiki energy, as well as an intuitive and unique blend of modalities such as auric body and sound healing, that work to clear energetic and emotional blocks within the body through physical and energetic touch. Through my touch, energy will flow to the areas in your body that most need attention. Even if you present with one condition, I may be guided to touch additional areas of your body to support your wellness or focus more on providing you with vibrational sound healing, further enhancing your experience to connect to your divine life force.

On conclusion of your healing you’ll feel a sense of peace and calm, being more connected to your body. You’ll notice more harmony in your energy system and a feeling of increased vitality and relaxation. I do recommend that experiencing a few sessions over a short period of time is ideal, as it allows you to create and integrate more lasting results, given the depth of healing layers upon the last. 

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Nicole is so welcoming and kind . I instantly felt safe and relaxed in her gorgeous treatment space. I booked in to experience the reiki and auric body sound healing . I left feeling so amazing & calm . The whole experience was beautiful and comforting. Thank you Nicole, I will certainly be back for more treatments. - Leanne

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