As a practitioner of embodiment, energetic healing and sacred bodywork based in Sydney’s northern leafy suburb of Berowra, (traditional land of the Darug & Guringai people) I support people to embody their most authentic spiritual and sensual expressions, guiding them on healing journeys back to wholeness and deeply owning their worth. My approach is gentle, non-judgemental, empathic and of utmost integrity.

It’s my heartfelt desire to empower those who work with me to live a life embodied in love and discover a deeper relationship with the sacred within themselves. I offer this gift through my unique style of holistic healing by bridging spirituality and sacred sensuality, energetic healing and movement practices with creativity and psychotherapy. My brand reflects this: 

Mana Flow is a merging of Polynesian and Eastern influence, a dance of Spirit, breath and flow. Mana is the spiritual life force energy of power, strength and healing that flows through all things. The golden Sanskrit symbol represents our life giving and alchemising breath, which of course is the vehicle for life force or Prana. Our movement and life force flows with our breath. In my healing practice, my intention is for this life force to gently flow through me with every word, touch, breath, movement and sound; to and for whomever I’m working with, with grace and unconditional love (Aloha).

Not identifying as a healer but rather a woman who is a conduit for healing, tuning into spirit and divine healing energy that’s greater than all of us. This energy moves through me, to you, invited by my loving intention for you to heal yourself with your own body wisdom. My healing practice is specifically centred around slow and nurturing rituals, with a tender, restorative focus on your nervous system at all times. I’m honoured to be a transmission of love in this way and am continually inspired by loving connection, specifically when witnessing another bask in the glow of their newly discovered life force, within. 

Pulling from endurance and enthusiasm born from many years of personal and professional lived experiences, the healing modalities I weave into my practice include dynamic and restorative meditation, embodied breathing, shamanic movement practices, auric field/subtle energy body exploration, psychosomatic bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki and Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi massage; all enveloped in my unique intuitive guidance and psychic awareness.

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I felt so deeply seen, held and met by Nicole in such powerful ways; I was so drawn to her energy. She’s a deeply healing presence, one that I will lean to again for additional support. - Michael

In my embodiment and intuitive guidance practice, I bring women home to the safety of their feeling bodies so they can awaken & (re)claim their potency, by tuning into their body wisdom. This allows them to embody their most authentic feminine expression and deeply own their worth; claiming the lives and relationships they yearn for.

In my energetic healing and sacred bodywork practice, I journey with both men and women so they can explore more loving purpose and healing in their lives. I offer spiritual and subtle energy body healing combined with intuitive guidance and physical touch, allowing those who work with me to feel more free, open, embodied and alive in their bodies.

Whilst I have specific services you can book in for here, I also customise healings for my clients. Please let me know if this is something you’d like to talk about. ❤︎ 

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I've known Nicole for a number of years and worked with her several times. She has an incredible way of embodying her lived experience, bringing an authenticity and wisdom into her work: an ever evolving art. Nicole asks deep and intuitive questions, tapping into the potency of a woman's truth. - Julie

A deeper dive into my background 
In 1994, as a vivacious, creative and enthusiastic young woman, I set out on a career path as a graphic designer. I would adventure on this path for over a decade in publishing, advertising, and public relations while also raising my two young sons. In 2005, still feeling creative yet yearning to change my focus, I pivoted; creating and formulating my own vegan skincare brand which I sold online for 5 years, while at the same time becoming insatiably curious about understanding human behaviour and relationships, which led to me pivoting again in 2010. 

This curiosity started with wanting to understand myself (ongoing!) and then others, with a passion for human behaviour and linguistics – how language (spoken, thought and written) shapes our reality, in addition to learning the depths of our body-mind connection (spiritually, sexually and emotionally) and the potency of exploring the conscious/subconscious minds and nervous system regulation. Beginning with reading as many books as I could get my hands on, followed by immersing in formalised study, this is the path I’ve remained on, developing and expanding my skills personally and professionally since 2010, leading to me working in the fields of embodiment, energetic healing and sacred bodywork.

I believe each of us carves out our own path for personal development and spiritual growth. Today, there’s such a richness of modalities available to support the process. In my experience, body-oriented practices (embodiment & bodywork) and breath/energy work combined with talk therapy, powerfully move people to deeper states of realisation empowerment, awakenings and lasting change.    

I’ve always chosen my teachers based on the lived and embodied integrity of their work, in addition to consideration of their lineage of teachers. As a life-long learner and conduit for healing, this is very important to me. I’ve immersed in many of my accreditations several times, to receive and embody the teachings again from a different perspective, deepening my knowledge. I’m incredibly proud of my depth of integrity and who I continue to expand into becoming, because of my chosen teachers, the wisdom they bestow on me and honouring my own life path. Some of those teachers and trainings are:

  • Laureli Blyth and Dr. Heidi Heron, PsyD – Worldwide Institutes of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  and Heidi Heron “NLP with integrity” (NLP Coaching, Therapy & Training and Consultancy Certification)
  • Stephen Gilligan – Ph.D. – Generative Change and Creative Mind (Generative Trance Certification – the experience of creative flow)
  • Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu – mBraining (mBit) multiple Brain Integration Techniques
  • Shelle Rose Charvet – Words that Change Minds (LAB – Language and Behaviour Profiling)
  • Penny Tompkins and James Lawley – Clean Language 
  • Natalie Southgate – Chakradance Facilitator Training 
  • Jacqui Bushell – Reiki Master teacher
  • Helena Keyworth  (Tantrika) – Tantric Healing; Practitioner Training, subtle body & psychosomatic bodywork 
  • Ipsalu Tantra International – Practicum Jewel in The Lotus & Tantra Bliss
  • ISTA Level 1 – International School of Temple Arts (Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience) 
  • Charlie Snow – The Blisstitute of Living Aloha; Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage Training
  • Ally Boothroyd – Transformational Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training  (2022)
  • Bastian McPhee – Medicine Drum Making & Shamanic Education
  • Day and weekend workshop immersions plus online courses that have influenced my work, include: embodiment, meditation, dynamic meditation, subtle body/aura and chakras, emotional release, restorative healing, attachment pattern awareness and repair, boundaries, fundamentals of authentic relating, storytelling and metaphor, language patterns, effective communication, nervous system regulation, tantra, kundalini activation and ecstatic dance, sound healing,  shamanic ritual and breathwork.
  • Other teachers who inform my work, include: Lisa Page, Deb Dana, Irene Lyon, Milton Erickson, Robert Diltz, Brené Brown, Christoper D. Wallis, Mantak Chia, Margot Anand, Daniel Odier, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Wayne Dyer, Julia Cameron, Manoj Dias, Ram Dass, OSHO, Tara Brach, Sarah Blondin, Bu Nan Brown, Barbara Carrellas, Barbara Ann Brennan, David Deida, John Wineland, Nina Lombardo, Deb Shapiro, Michaela Boehm, Tracee Stanley and Caroline Myss.
  • My personal, professional and spiritual growth is an ongoing commitment. In terms of receiving healing, the experiences that have affected me most positively and deeply, both personally and professionally, have been as a result of working with incredible therapists in the fields of: gestalt therapy, generative trance, nlp conversational change work (communication with the subconscious mind through felt senses in the body), Bowen therapy, tantric healing, somatic attachment repair, LomiLomi massage and of course, personal prayer and meditation. 

However you choose to work with me, my depth of integrity, presence, tenderness and heart connection will have you feeling seen, loved and supported. This safe container of restorative healing will support you to access a higher level of self-awareness and personal and spiritual alignment. 

When not immersed in this healing work, I coach and mentor creative students at Billy Blue College of Design. I also love to collect treasures from nature and second hand stores, creating beautiful spaces in my home with their magic. In addition to sharing my heart and time with friends and family, I especially delight in enjoying the abundance of nature that surrounds my cottage in Sydney and the love I share with my sons, my greatest creations to date. ❤︎

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