facilitates in the fields of embodiment, 
energetic healing & sacred bodywork.

facilitates in the fields of embodiment, energetic healing & sacred bodywork.

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this is an invitation to the longing within you...

feel more alive in your body!

Hello! I’m Nicole Newton and as a trauma informed practitioner of embodiment, energetic healing and sacred bodywork (specialising in Hawaiian Lomilomi massage 🌺 ), I support people to connect to this longing, one that is often fuelled by wanting to feel more deeply, be seen, held and witnessed. My gift is to support my clients to embody their most authentic spiritual and sensual expressions, guiding them on healing journeys back to wholeness and deeply owning their worth. This is important to them as living a life embodied in deeper love, intimacy, pleasure and connection is often the root of their longing.

I provide holistic restorative healing experiences, bodywork and intuitive guidance with authenticity, integrity and a grounded heart connection; all of you is welcome here! You will be seen, loved and supported as I encourage your exploration to reach the deepest parts of yourself, gently moving you from where you are now to where you want to be. My words and touch always deliver warmth and a depth of presence, met with my open heart and an intention for you to reconnect with your natural flow and life-force.

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Nicole, thank you for your sensitive, radiant heart! You’ve activated a tenderness and opening in mine 
and I’m shining brighter now, a little bigger because of you. - Lauren

I believe the key to creating anything new in our life and connecting to our Mana (life force), starts with our feeling bodies. Our senses are our gateways to our deep internal wisdom, creativity and aliveness!

Unfortunately, as a culture we’re conditioned to suppress, ignore or discount these gateways in our bodies, and are instead often trapped within our thinking minds, using this as our primary compass to move through life … which can become exhausting. The premise of my work is that, if we move beyond our thinking minds and tune into our feeling bodies, life has infinite potential. When we meet our inner selves in this way our life-force potently activates, answering the call of our longing.

I know that our sensuality is the centre of all Creation, and is available to us all, if we choose to access what we’ve forgotten. Through communion with our creative and sensual selves, we become more embodied. We tap into this pulse of life and deeply connect with our inner wellspring of internal wisdom and authentic expression.

I look forward to journeying with you. ❤︎

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